Toddler-and-Me Yoga

An energetic and fun class designed to facilitate an enjoyment of yoga for little learners, foster social-emotional development, and strengthen the connection between parent and child



Facilitates right/left brain coordination, body awareness, gross motor, and fine motor skills.


Thematic vocabulary and play sounds are incorporated into yoga stories and songs, laying the foundation for early language development.  Modeling of simple words and phrases, in conjunction with movement, use of class routines, and repetition create age-appropriate opportunities for turn-taking, motor and verbal imitation, social communication, and sequencing.


Consistent routines, repetition, and simple directions paired with adult models facilitate comprehension of early vocabulary and concepts.  Mindful listening improves awareness and discrimination while facilitating joint attention.


Mindfulness techniques, including breath work, guided relaxation, and meditation calm the body AND mind for both child and caregiver.  By modeling these strategies, we give children the tools to cope with daily stress and anxiety and develop resiliency while engaging in parental self-care.


Use of emotional vocabulary, peer interaction, and positive self-talk foster acceptance, confidence, and communication.


Why Practice Yoga With Your Toddler?

Kira Willey, Author of Breathe Like a Bear

"When we pause and take a few deep breaths before reacting in just about any situation, things usually go better, right?  If you're a parent or teacher, I'm sure you agree.  Imagine if we could teach this critical skill of self-regulation to children very early in life.  What more valuable skill could we give them?"

Christina Ristuccia, M.S. CCC_SLP, RYT

25 Reasons Why Yoga, Speech, and Language go Together

"Yogic practice not only strengthens and flexes our bodies; it uplifts your mood, reinforces natural kinetic learning, brings clarity to make better decisions, and increases language reception and retention. This ideal combination leads to calmer and smarter kids."

Jaime Armor, Cosmic Kids
"The Benefits of Kids' Yoga"

"Kids get better at dealing with anxiety and stress because they learn to incorporate relaxation and breathing techniques into daily life."


Upcoming Events

  • Thu, Mar 12
    Flourish Counseling and Wellness Center,
    Mar 12, 2020, 10:00 AM – Apr 23, 2020, 10:30 AM
    Flourish Counseling and Wellness Center,, 3430 N High St, Olney, MD 20832, USA
    A Toddler-and-Me Yoga Class for Children 18 months to 3 Years *Parents/Caregivers are welcome to bring all children in their care on the day of class (babies through preschool-aged). Thursday mornings 10:00-10:30AM 3/12, 3/19, 3/26, 4/2, 4/16, 4/23


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